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Mexican Chilaquiles
The classic Mexican breakfast, nutritious and delicious meal prepared with fried chip tortillas with hot tomato sauce, cheese and cream.
Eggs as you like
Ask for your favorite preparation, starred or scrambled, accompanied by Pico de Gallo sauce.
Get the energy for a day full of activities with an omelet prepered at the moment with your preferred ingredients, onion, coriander, sausage, or bacon.
Fresh fruit
Chopped fresh seasonal fruit to start your breakfast.
Rice pudding
Delicious dessert typical of many countries made at the Mexican recipe, slowly cooking rice with milk and condensed milk, raisins, vanilla and lemon peel. Served with sprinkled cinnamon.
Hash brown patties
Another basic for every breakfast. Fresh grated potato in patties fried until crisp golden brown, delicious!

Hot cakes
The typical hot-cakes to start your day, accompany them with butter, jam or bacon, perfect if you are undecided of what to have breakfast or for the kids.
Varieties of bread for your breakfast: sweet or toasted with jam.
Fried Beans
Lard refried black bean with onion
Cereals and yogurt
variety of sweet or natural cereal to accompany it with milk or yogurt.
This menu is a sample.

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