Marco Polo

marco polo



Genovese mushroom
Delicious portobello mushrooms in pomodoro sauce and gratin with provolone cheese and balsamic reduction.
Piamonte roll
Prosciutto roll stuffed with provolone cheese and crispy organic lettuce, with a touch of blackberries and peppermint essence.
Neapolitan calamari
Fresh fried squid with alioli, capers, walnuts and lemon, served with black olives and aromatic basil leaves.
Florence soup
Simple and delicious minestrone soup made with beans and bacon.
Venetian cream
Delicious light chickpea cream with leek and flavored with basil.

Parmesan Milanese
Breaded beef schnitzel with a mixture of ground bread and Parémasan cheese accompanied by Napoleon sauce and vegetables with a rain of pesto.
Romanesco saltimboca
Traditional saltimbocca recipe prepared with Serrano ham in a thyme sauce, butter, white wine and butter, accompanied by baked potato with sour cream and bacon.
Pescatore tuna fish
Thin slices of fresh tuna accompanied by risotto with mushrooms, accompanied by a creamy spinach sauce and aromatic drops of basil oil.
Lombardia fish fillet
Fresh fish fillet accompanied by spinach puree with basil leaves with portobello mushrooms prepared with garlic in pink pepper sauce.
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