Crab tower
Made with caramelized chives, stuffed with crab mousse and fresh cream, and fresh cream sided with huitlacoche spaghetti and thin peach slices.
Salmon tartar with chipotle chili cream
Made with smoked salmon, sour cream, chipotle chili, and chives. Mounted on avocado crudités, seasoned with cilantro oil dressing.
(V) Labrador Salad
Made with lettuce, panela cheese in dried chili sauce, nopal cactus, soybean sprout, sliced carrots, jicama, and orange with avocado dressing
Seafood enchiladas
Made with shrimp, octopus, prawns, and mahi-mahi topped with green and red salsa, cream and fresh cheese.
(V) Squash Blossom quesadillas
Made of corn of flour tortillas, squash blossom, garlic, onion and manchego cheese in ranchero sauce, sided with guacamole and Mexican sauce.
Tequila mushroom sou with coriander essence
Made with chicken broth, fresh mushrooms, ancho chili, tequila, fresh coriander and chunks of Oaxaca cheese.
Double pumpkin and pepper cream with dried fruits julienne
Made with cushaw pumpkin and curd cheese, red pepper, chicken broth, sour cream and ancho chili butter.
(V) Coriander and poblano chili strips cream
Made with sour cream, celery, leek, coriander and poblano chili.

Grouper fillet with hierba santa
Made with coriander achiote on the oven, served with vegetables and red rice.
Grilled clam scallops and shrimp in huitlacoche rice pudding
Made with clam scallops, shrimp cooked on the grill, served with rice, mushrooms cooked with huitlacoche cream.
Beef tenderloin in two sauces
Beef steak cooked on the grill, mounted on smashed vegetables accompanied by poblano chili sauce and huitlacoche, decorated with fan cactus roasted.
Grilled Mexican sarape
Grilled flank steak, served with asadero cheese and charro beans.
(V) Spaghetti with poblano peppers sauce
Spaghetti, cream, corn kernels, poblano chili, panela cheese decorated with coriander sprouts.
Quertzal chicken.
Chicken breast stuffed with lentils mousse and cream cheese, served with squash blossom soft sauce and decorated with color tortillas julienne.
This menu is a sample.
(V) = Vegetarian

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